RIN Stamp
Vital statistics
Name Stamp
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Assassin for hire
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Status Deceased
Location Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Voice
English Voice Mike McFarland


Stamp is the legendary assassin that Rin and Mimi bring up in Episode Two when trying to solve the mystery of the murders. He assassinates people in return for collectible stamps.


Stamp is hired by the former Soviet Union's Council of People's Commissars (a.k.a. the Red March) to kill Secretary General Androvsky during his visit to Tokyo in return for the Sutherland Stamp. When Rin confronts him in an empty building, he reveals that he is already in possession of the stamp. During their fight, Shogo appears and kills the assassin and then proceeds to leave with Rin. With his last bit of energy, it seems that Stamp is able to set his assassination plan in motion when he sets off underground bombs along the road that the secretary general is driving along, although he wasn't successful in the attempt.