Kodaka Saburo
RIN jun yahagi
Vital statistics
Name Kodaka Saburo
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Soviet Union's Council of People's Commissars (the "Red March")
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Status Deceased
Location Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Voice Go Shinomiya (四宮 豪)
English Voice Jamie McGonnigal


Kodaka Saburo appears in Episode Two to hire Rin to find the Sutherland Stamp for Shimeno Estates.


Later, Kodaka appears again with his lover, and both are murdered by a mysterious intruder. After his murder, Rin and Mimi learned that Kodaka had asked for assistance using a false identity. He is actually Jun Yahagi, a Russian diplomat. His murder is connected to Shogo and the Council of People's Commissar's plot to get rid of the Secretary General Androvsky with help from the assassin-for-hire Stamp. His duty was to find a canceled 1-boo Sutherland stamp to use as payment for his services.