Informant 1
Vital statistics
Name Informant
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Status Dead
Location Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Voice Rumi Kasahara (笠原 留美0
English Voice Wendy Powell


It is unknown, however, about what methods this woman is able to find whatever information she is able to give Rin and Mimi... but it is always accurate. However, this information does not come cheap – and she doesn't ask just money for her services. Rather, she insists to be paid in lesbian sex, either performed with Rin and/or Mimi. As for the later, Mimi has taken a certain... dislike of her (but it hasn't stopped her from asking for information), but Rin usually takes it in stride.
She had a number of ear piercings, as well as a pierced tongue. She also wore rings on all her fingers. She's also fond of drinking grasshoppers, a cocktail made with creme de menthe (asking for a grasshopper also served as a code word). Rin, however, complains they taste like kids toothpaste.


This character was introduced when Rin was searching for into whoever injured Professor when she inquired about the whereabouts of a very rare postal stamp, a canceled 1-boo Sutherland stamp. By the time of Episode Four, this informant had long since died, but her steady lover (Informant's Assistant) had taken her place.

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