"Holy Nights Don't Shine Brightly"
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Seiya wa Kagayakanai

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June 1, 2008


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Thirty years after Episode Four, the borders between 1.0 and 2.0 have been erased completely and it is now possible to "download" things into the real world. Rin took 25 years to regenerate her body but suffered retrograde amnesia in process. Teruki has since became a successful businessman (the CEO of Maeno Holdings Group) and Mimi is a Buddhist nun in Kyoto trying to keep an eye on all the immortals in the world. Meanwhile, Apos disguises Laura as Rin and made her hunt down immortals for their Time Fruits. During this time, mysterious rumors of Time Fruits have been floating around the mortal world as well.
The episode begins with Teruki's daughter Mishio discovering his records of Rin and, while at a party with her friend and sidekick Kei, she meets the amnesiac woman. Rin's new name is Saito Tamaki, and she has no memory of the past, just that she washed up on a beach five years ago, with nothing but a glowing gem in her possession. Rin is working as a clerk for a company whose CEO, an immortal named Claudel Lona, always seems to praise her work but then refuses to let her work on the projects she designs. Claudel is soon killed by Laura. While skipping class with Kei, Mishio finds Claudel's body, and thinking that her killer was Rin, starts following her around. She witnesses a man named Ihika propose to Rin, but she refuses, telling him of her amnesia.
After Mishio asks Teruki about Rin, he finds her but decides that it's better for her painful memories not to return and avoids contact. He then finds Mimi who tells him that Rin is apparently hunting immortals. It is also in this episode that we get to see Tajimamori. He is sitting at a table with Time Fruits and a picture of Rin on it, and seems to be watching over her. Apos appears in his castle and threatens to take Rin, which seems to infuriate Yggdrasil's guardian.
Meanwhile, Rin accepts Ihika's new proposal and the two make love, when Laura attacks and kills them both. This returns Rin's memories and she escapes with Mishio to Teruki's estate. After a conversation with him, Rin and Mishio take a train to Kyoto, where Mimi's temple is located. Anticipating Laura's attack, Mimi invites three other immortals named Elisa, Nao, and Rita, but Laura brings along several angels who proceed to devour them (along with Genta). Rin arrives and defeats Laura and the angels, only to witness Mimi raped by Apos.
Apos is then revealed to be a hermaphrodite AND an immortal angel hybrid who calls himself a God. He then removes Rin's time fruit, presumably killing her.

Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Laura (as Rin)
  • Teruki Maeno
  • Mishio Maeno
  • Kei Tajima
  • Rin Asogi
  • Apos
  • Claudel
  • Tajimamori
  • Ihika
  • Mimi
  • Genta
  • Elisa
  • Nao
  • Rita


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